Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux Wow Guys , Guys and only Guys in this book !!
Its angsty , action packed, awesome read. It started with a bang. Loved all the supporting characters. Nick is back along with all of Ty's Recon team. The chemistry is good between all. Zane feels a little left out . But Ty is so so good . He includes Zane in everything he decides and does showing how much he loves Zane. I was a little miffed with Zane in this book when he was being a drama queen and not forgiving Ty .
PS: I would love to see more of Liam. He was mysterious.
This Man Confessed (This Man, #3) - Jodi Ellen Malpas Finally some answers
This is 3 1/2 star book for me. Good at times, the same old at times. The ending was dramatic with a lot of questions answered all at once. This was the best book of the whole trilogy.
On the whole this trilogy has taken a lot of my time,which was not exactly worth it expect for book 3.
Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas Book 2 was not necessary
Nothing much happened in this book. Ava was annoying, Jesse was his usual controlling self. This book did not have to be a book 2.
This Man (This Man, #1) - Jodi Ellen Malpas Its not a great book nor a bad one. Its just okay
Its an okay first book. I went in prepared after reading all my friends reviews and thoughts here in GR and Ammy who so kindly had read them earlier and posted their thoughts. So i guess due me being prepared was what made me give this book a 3 star, else this is a 1 star book for me.
Reason 1: Jesse is annoyingly dominant. Ex: Let her go to wee .Holding her against her wee is not being an alpha..
Reason 2: Ava is annoyingly naive for 26 yrs of age. She does not ask the right questions.Ex: You love a guy whom you have not bothered to find out what he does for a living.You are okay with that because he drives an Ashton Martin and owns a penthouse.But then find fault in him cause he owns a sex club .Reallllyyy!!!!

On to book 2 since there were some redeeming moments , i am invested now, and i gave it 3 stars.
Embattled Minds (Lost and Found, #2) - J.M. Madden Its a short , sweet good read. I read this book at the right time. I was kind of getting tired of all my H being the most good looking person on earth. Zeke is scarred , but he is hot and one of the best H i have come across because he is good on the inside.
My complaint is that the author never went into detail about both the characters.I felt a lot was unsaid about Zeke. Like i said a short book. Its a simple book - They met , they fell in love..No drama, no suspense.
I still gave it 4 stars because on the whole i liked the book for a quick sunday afternoon read.
The Locker Room - Amy Lane Amy Lane made me believe that , Xander and Chris were so in love that they could not live without each other. Kudos, this is romance.

This is a story of xander and chris who met when they were 14yrs( i think) and grew up together.Fell in love along the way, became famous basketball players , were angsty when they could not be together and finally lived Hea.
The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander Something was missing in this book for me to rate it 4 stars. Both the MC were good. But i think it lacked depth. The writer could have written more on them , the mystery .It ended abruptly with both MC getting back together easily.
Archangel's Storm  - Nalini Singh Love is a slow burn that simmers in this book

Our H is the silent type. None of his actions are ott. The love story in this book flows at a slow pace. Which leaves the reader with the feeling of something that is deep and meaningful.H & h come across as mature adults. Thank god the h here is not dumb and does not jump into situations she cannot handle.
The suspense and mystery is good too. Keeps you hooked to the very end.
Hotter Than Ever - Elle Kennedy I am still blushing ... Wow it was a scorching read . This book is much better than some of the m/m hot reads .
The story was okay - 3 stars for it,but the pace with which it flowed did not bore me.
The 4 stars I give is for the MC .. Liked all three of them .. Aiden , Dylan and Claire .
At one point I was rooting for Aid and Dy to fall in love and leave Claire out . But by the end of the book I was rooting for Claire too .
Its an entertaining read . I think I like this writer ..

Thanks to Stars bright Star :)
Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan I am on the fence about this book. While i liked a few things, like the H, secondary characters. I did not like the h izzy that much. But then i wondered if she had every right to behave that way for she had suffered . The thing is , i am always partial to women who have endured violence , it makes me not a right person to rate this book. So the book could have been much much better. But then this is the writers first book so let's leave it at that.
I guess i would have felt bad if i had purchased the book for $3.99 .
Lick (Stage Dive,#1) - Kylie Scott A sensible, at times realistic love story consisting of one celebrity rock star H and a reasonable, thinking strong 21 yrs old h.Nicely done on the supporting characters too.
Will read more of this writers book in future.
Bound By Honor (Men of Honor #1) - S.E. Jakes 75% of the book is about "doing the deed"
25% of the book is about "the story"
75% +25% = Makes this book whole 100%
The 2 star rating is for 25% reason. Anyway..If you like a lot lot lot of smex in your book, this is the right book. I liked the 75% of the book this time , since i read the book at the right time of the month :)
On the Island  - Tracey Garvis-Graves I was very conflicted before i started this book on as to read this book or not due to the age of of H .Boy , it was a good thing that i pushed my limits and picked this one up to read. Its written well.The story is engrossing. Was i bothered that the H was young- Yes. My only relief was that he was 19 when the romance started. But its more than all that-its about 2 individual's journey in to a relation ship which both would not be in if they had not got stuck on an island without any hope of rescue. I did feel like crying at certain parts of the story (will not spoil it for the rest of them who have not read it yet) . It was a mixed feeling of elation ,joy and sadness when they got rescued and they were back in the real world.
On the whole its a wonderful story , a lifetime tv movie kinda story.
Fury - Laurann Dohner This book is a good start to the series . What I liked was that there was not much explanation about wanting to " do the deed" cause the mating heat was unbearable. Secondly the H owns to his feelings . I like books where the H knows what he wants and accepts it rather than fighting it.
It's well written. The story is good , had a hard time putting it down to go and cook dinner..
Hey come on .. Dinner is important :)
Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley It is a good read since I did not want to put it down once I started reading it. I liked Lanie. Hop was an understanding alpha H. I like that about him . Best of the chaos H so far.
Tangled - Emma Chase A breath of fresh air. A refreshing change of read from the normal form . I liked reading this book from the H Pov. The book is hilarious and cute :)
The H is in noway modest , comes off as over confident at times . But you still end up rooting for him and thinking awwww he is cute .