Keeping Promise Rock - Amy Lane An emotional story , with so much love.
Amy Lane knows how to make a reader get into the story and feel the characters emotions . This book started out with Carrick telling his story . I felt is venerability , pain , insecurity . His love for Deacon . I saw Deacon through Carrick eyes as this perfect person , who could do not wrong. Along the way i even hero worshipped Deacon , fell in love with this alpha ,silent Deacon.
And then i got to read Deacon story. This time around i got to see and feel his emotions and love towards Carrick. I also to to see Deacon for himself with his imperfections . I wondered who was the venerable guy here .Deacon who loved Carrick so much or Carrick who had always depended on Deacon.I now saw Carrick as a stronger person from Deacons story.
The story clearly showed how each character saw the one person they loved through their eyes with all their flaws and goodness.