Lucy in the Sky - Barbara Elsborg Overall an okay read
I liked Lucy . She is a tad bit stupid.Lets just call it impulsive and leave it at that. What i liked about here is that she is a chatterbox. Its fun to read what she talks and thinks . She is entertaining. The H is okay. He is the right amount of alpha , possessive and protective. I just wish this book had more to tell about the Mc's rather than the side characters. Hyll love story was not needed. It took away the spotlight for the H. Caleb the villain had a nice name which distracted me and i was not exactly scared of him.
The smex is hot . BE is a good story writer . Its never boring to read her books. if i ever re-read this book it will be for Lucy and the smex and that it is written by BE.
I thank my friend Stars to having rec'd this book, because i would not want to miss reading a BE book.