This Man (This Man, #1) - Jodi Ellen Malpas Its not a great book nor a bad one. Its just okay
Its an okay first book. I went in prepared after reading all my friends reviews and thoughts here in GR and Ammy who so kindly had read them earlier and posted their thoughts. So i guess due me being prepared was what made me give this book a 3 star, else this is a 1 star book for me.
Reason 1: Jesse is annoyingly dominant. Ex: Let her go to wee .Holding her against her wee is not being an alpha..
Reason 2: Ava is annoyingly naive for 26 yrs of age. She does not ask the right questions.Ex: You love a guy whom you have not bothered to find out what he does for a living.You are okay with that because he drives an Ashton Martin and owns a penthouse.But then find fault in him cause he owns a sex club .Reallllyyy!!!!

On to book 2 since there were some redeeming moments , i am invested now, and i gave it 3 stars.