On the Island  - Tracey Garvis-Graves I was very conflicted before i started this book on as to read this book or not due to the age of of H .Boy , it was a good thing that i pushed my limits and picked this one up to read. Its written well.The story is engrossing. Was i bothered that the H was young- Yes. My only relief was that he was 19 when the romance started. But its more than all that-its about 2 individual's journey in to a relation ship which both would not be in if they had not got stuck on an island without any hope of rescue. I did feel like crying at certain parts of the story (will not spoil it for the rest of them who have not read it yet) . It was a mixed feeling of elation ,joy and sadness when they got rescued and they were back in the real world.
On the whole its a wonderful story , a lifetime tv movie kinda story.