Strangers - Barbara Elsborg This has been a very hard book for me to rate. I wanted to give it 5 stars for some reasons and 1 star for some reasons.hence going with 3.
5 stars reasons :
1. Very very good writing. I live the way she writes her characters . She brings a lot of clarity to the stories .
2. Speaking of clarity - I liked how the H could clearly and eloquently tell why he loved the h. Not the usual words of her being kind and funny like most others books talk about .
3. I liked the h more for a change .
4. I liked the humor . The banter is funny in its silliness .
1 star reasons :
1. The H was whiny . Biggest turn off.
2. The H solved their issues all on her own .

I guess my biggest problem with this book was that , Love solves everything . No necessarily.