Heat - R. Lee Smith Wow!! The writing is excellent . I say this cause the book is very long but still kept me reading without losing my interest . We have a good guy and the bad guy . What's interesting is that Kane the bad guy(scary evil guy) meets Raven and trains her to the point where they both are dependent on each other or dare I say fall in love ( not in the traditional sense) . Kane is unpredictable and scary , hence that kept me hooked to his story.
Tagen the good guy of-course a total opposite falls in love with Daria at a slow pace which is what love and romance is all about and kept me hooked to his story.
Both Raven and Daria are well suited to their respective H's .
It's a brutal read , not for everyone . Some things were scary .
What surprised me the most was how it ended. When the unexpected happens in a story then the book turns to be an interesting read.