Good book to start your mm read with.

Bear, Otter, and the Kid - T.J. Klune

I should have picked this book as my first mm book to read . I missed my chance. But i would recommend this book to others as a starter book. It sweet. funny , emotional, tad bit angsty . I liked all the characters. The story is okay , nothing catchy nor is it a page turner. The kid in the book makes this story more entertaining. He is over the top smart for a 9 year old. He talks like a 40 yr old, mature adult(off-putting at times). Even then i found him endearing.Not much is said in depth about Otter aka Oliver since this book is in Bear aka Derrick's pov. Its a novel about Bear's thoughts and his life.He coming to terms about loving otter and being gay.After all my negative thought above i myself wonder, What makes this book a 4 star for me? I think its the way it is written. Bear's thoughts are not boring. I finding it hard to put in words why i liked this book so much when i would have rated a similar story line a 1 star. I can only hazard a guess and say that this book is more of a Novel than a romance book.It also felt more like a lifetime movie .
So i went ahead and started reading book 2.