Ice Queen - Joey W. Hill Like the product des said " it's not for the faint of heart"
The emotions are strong . The description of the scenes going on in the book are so detailed and sucks you into the story . I liked the Hero. Can't make up mind on the h yet since it ended in a cliffhanger without letting us know why she is the way she is . It left me hanging hence I kind did not get the closure I needed to really like and ponder on the H and h.
This book is not for those who like their H ott possessive . The bdsm scenes happen in a club called zone in front of an audience .
Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill This is one of the best book i have read this year.

It is so well written. Hats off to Joey W Hill.I liked Marcus .He is an alpha.The story kept me riveted from start to finish.The turmoil Marcus went through trying to convince thomas about his love and poor thomas stuck between his family and his love .
Strangers - Barbara Elsborg This has been a very hard book for me to rate. I wanted to give it 5 stars for some reasons and 1 star for some reasons.hence going with 3.
5 stars reasons :
1. Very very good writing. I live the way she writes her characters . She brings a lot of clarity to the stories .
2. Speaking of clarity - I liked how the H could clearly and eloquently tell why he loved the h. Not the usual words of her being kind and funny like most others books talk about .
3. I liked the h more for a change .
4. I liked the humor . The banter is funny in its silliness .
1 star reasons :
1. The H was whiny . Biggest turn off.
2. The H solved their issues all on her own .

I guess my biggest problem with this book was that , Love solves everything . No necessarily.

Fever - Maya Banks Something was off with this book. Can't pin point it exactly but the book as a whole did not synchronize together . Mc love for each other was unrealistic . H likes to deliver pain and he found h who loves to receive it and they both fall in love . Why did they fall in love ?
Lover at Last - J.R. Ward It was just okay. Secondary stories made the book way long and annoyed me .I found Quinn a little irritating in this book . Blay was wonderful as ever . By the end of the book I was thinking "Is that it, no big deal" for this hea that I was waiting for all along ( reading about them from so many books prior ).
Sticks & Stones - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban I liked this book. It is better than the first book in the series. We get to know Ty and Zane better. They get to know each other better. It is a slow, steady, nice read.It kept my interest till the end of the book.
Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Like:
The main characters .
The dialogues between the main characters .
The mystery in the story . I guessed who the villain was at 40% of the book.
At times the story frustrated me.

I will be reading the next book because I totally attracted to the Ty and Zane. They have a pull and ate compelling .
Play with Me - Kristen Proby Its a good read. I liked both the H and h.No serious conflict was there so i kinds liked that. The story flowed nicely and they reached their HEA nicely.At times i like my H's to be just normal men without issues(or much drama) and Will was that kind of a guy with an touch of alphaness. And the smex is hot in this book!!!!
Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec Its one hilarious story. I had fun reading it. Probably will re-read the book if i am down and need to lift my mood up or if i cannot find any good books to read.
Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander Its a cute, cheesy romantic book. It has an handsome actor, a hot good looking rancher hence what's not to like?
Both the main characters are closeted and this is their story of how they fall in love hide it from everybody and how they deal with it when everybody come to know about it.
Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle, #1) - Kristen Proby It was an okay book for me . I liked the H but not the h that much . Will definitely read more of this author's books cause I did like her writing and story telling.
Heat - R. Lee Smith Wow!! The writing is excellent . I say this cause the book is very long but still kept me reading without losing my interest . We have a good guy and the bad guy . What's interesting is that Kane the bad guy(scary evil guy) meets Raven and trains her to the point where they both are dependent on each other or dare I say fall in love ( not in the traditional sense) . Kane is unpredictable and scary , hence that kept me hooked to his story.
Tagen the good guy of-course a total opposite falls in love with Daria at a slow pace which is what love and romance is all about and kept me hooked to his story.
Both Raven and Daria are well suited to their respective H's .
It's a brutal read , not for everyone . Some things were scary .
What surprised me the most was how it ended. When the unexpected happens in a story then the book turns to be an interesting read.
Summer Breeze - Catherine Anderson I liked both the h and H . It is a good read . Also it kind of showed how she slowly over came if not fully her fear of the the outside world after a trauma without the help of psychiatrist . The H was very accepting and patient about his issues and that is what made me like him a lot. It is a slow good emotional love story .
Forever Black (Forever Trilogy, #1) - Sandi Lynn I liked the book , but then I am a sucker for emotional reads . I will not say that the book was flawless . It had its share of mistakes . But I could ignore it . I liked both the H and h. At times I did not understand what the h saw in the H . They broke up so many times . Like I said I could ignore all that cause I was emotionally invested in the h .I was all pro h.
Annie's Song - Catherine Anderson This is a beautiful and a wonderful book. Sigh!! It's about trust understanding and above all love .
Death Angel: A Novel - Linda Howard Have patience till 50% of the book. Till then you make have a hard time liking the H and h. It picks up in the second half if the book .. LH is an awesome story teller . She wrote two unlikable characters with lots of flaws as this book h& h . Hence this deviation from the normal naked me love this book.
Every person deserves a chance to repent and make his / her life better...